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Eliane Pouhaer's contemporary abstract watercolors are an invitation to travel, initiated by an encounter, fortuitous or sought after, with a place, essentially urban, a reflection, a presence, a light, a colorful sensation.

Everything is kept in memory through quick photographic notes that she confronts, restructures and then transposes by following a process of interaction between light and shadow, sharpness and blurriness, transparency and opacity to build a personal synthesis that mixes the objective space to that of emotion and the pictorial universe, directly on paper, without preparatory drawing.

The abstract works, watercolors, photos, art prints of Eliane Pouhaer are not closed to interpretation and give free rein to the imagination of the beholder.

What they have in common is that they allow a glimpse of possibilities and not a definitive image, and in this they testify to a contemporary approach.

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The watercolor technique seems to her the richest to translate these passages, these shifts, these uncertain effects which express so well this idea of impermanence with which every human being will one day be confronted.

After research where the human being found himself initially present in the representation but already merged in the place by an effect of transparency such as a ghostly apparition, the need for a more in-depth work was manifested and any referent anecdotal has been removed in favor of a search for lines, colors, materials more able to explore the same tracks by evacuating what might appear to be anecdotal.

Finally, abstraction has established itself today as essential in the practice of Eliane Pouhaer, as a contemporary means of creating emotion through construction and color, but outside a strict geometric register.

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