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contemporary abstract expressions

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Photographing / manipulating / transposing / painting like an evolving score in music, where everybody makes his or her own interpretation for abstract and urban spaces, so many fleeting facets where the human is only suggested through the traces of his ephemeral passage.

Contemporary, original and unique watercolors, photographs and fine art prints in limited series ...

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Several options were available to me: translate this idea of passage, of travel through my reference images, those taken during my journeys, just a burst of light, a color, traces left on an abandoned wall, white trails  on a shop glass roof to testify to its abandonment. Everything is a pretext to retain the gaze and keep the memory through a quick photographic note that will be exploited later in my abstract watercolors, my contemporary drawings / structures and also through a specific photographic work that I consider to be an integral part of my artistic process.


A first intention was to directly introduce a human silhouette in the representation of a place, a character seen from behind mainly as if to signify the possible departure towards another place or waiting to make a choice of life, most of the time alone or without. another character  in the image. The link between them came from the fact that they were part of the architecture through a game of transparency that evoked their fragility and their imminent erasure.

This work of erasing to finally leave only remnants modified my initial approach to refocus on what seemed to me best to express this theme of passage recurring in my process, namely the architectural places that witness the presence of the person who built them, lived there and, at the end of the day, abandoned them.


These proposals, already expressed through a technique that I will favor, watercolor, are no longer relevant for me as well, although they illuminate my approach as a painter, will not be presented on this website.


If I kept the same process to create my images, I would do a work of synthesis in which the play of shadows and lights, sharpness and blur, transparency and opacity, and by abstraction invite the spectator to question reality to allow her or him, in the various senses of the term, to better discover it in her or his own.


Will be presented in the site, my original and unique contemporary abstract watercolors, my drawings, photos and art prints in limited series

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